About Nozaki-gyu

About Nozaki-gyu


Nozaki Agricultural Production Cooperative specializes in fattening Kagoshima-raised Japanese Black cattle. Nozaki strives to achieve stable mass production of top-grade Japanese Black beef with a grade of 4 or higher.

Nozaki-gyu was the first beef in Japan to bear the name of a person as a brand name.

Grade 4 or higher top-grade Japanese Black beef


Of the cattle we raise with respect and affection using thorough fattening control, only those of Grade 4 (A-4, B-4) or higher*1 are stamped with the "Nozaki" brand name.

Approximately 70% of the beef shipped by Nozaki is graded A-5.

*1 What is Grade?

The grade of beef is divided into 15 classifications based on meat quality and yield.

  • There are 3 yield grades A, B, and C.
    Japanese beef is grade A. Other beef is often graded as B.
  • There are 5 meat quality grades.

The grade designation combines the above two types of grades to express the meat grade like A-5 or A-4. The highest grade of A-5 is reserved for select premium Japanese beef and at the Tokyo Meat Market, the largest in Japan, only about 20% of the meat is certified as A-5.

Raised with great effort and affection

Highly motivated young staff members mainly in their 20s that like cattle raise the cattle with great effort and affection to make the beef loved for its flavor around the world. 【Link: Staff Introduction】

With hope and wishes we call the cattle ushi-san (Mr. Cattle)


The life of the cattle is a short 28 months. We want the cattle to be raised peacefully, leisurely, and healthily.

At Nozaki, all the staff members call the cattle ushi-san (Mr. Cattle) as an expression of our respect for the precious life of the cattle with which we are entrusted.

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About Nozaki-gyu


NOZAKI Agricultural Production Cooperative

Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture