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Thoughts from the President of Nozaki

"Learn good things and learn from bad things. Everything is for the cattle. Everything is for the customer."President Kikuo Nozaki

The Nozaki staff love cattle.
For this reason they always do what they can for the cattle.

They put their heart into carefully fattening each individual head of cattle as if they were raising their own children. It is because they always care for the cattle like their own children that they are aware of even trivial changes. They can do this because "they love cattle."

Therefore, the foremost prerequisite for selecting Nozaki staff members is "they must be people that love cattle." We are not hiring employees to use, but rather we are looking for companions with which to learn together. Nozaki staff members form a close-knit group with strong bonds between the people and the cattle.

At the strong request of the staff members, Bato Deities of Mercy monuments made of natural stone have been set up on the two farms. These are dedicated to the cattle that live life to its fullest during their short lives. They are also memorials to the cattle that were lost during the disaster. The staff members pay their respects there daily to never forget the cattle.

Since we have investors and loans from financial institutions, our duty is to continuously and stably raise cattle of which we can be proud. Continuously and stably raising the cattle requires daily risk management and unwavering concern for the cattle at the Nozaki Farm. This is what allows us to continue the "Nozaki Way" without panicking even in times of emergency.

Thoughts on Personal Name Brand "Nozaki-gyu"

This means bearing the responsibility of letting consumers know who produced the beef.

With regional brands, imitators are bound to appear. Even for the same regional brands, there will be differences due to feed and environment. At the least, we take responsibility by raising our cattle with knowledge that consumers will know who produced them.

Conducting agriculture as an industry includes the duty and responsibility to grow. We must not be rigid. Convention must not make us blind. Can we work with better efficiency and pay attention to detail concerning the cattle? The staff members discuss daily what must be done to do that. Learn good things and learn from bad things.

Everything is for the cattle. Everything is for the customer.

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NOZAKI Agricultural Production Cooperative

Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture